Nest Membership

After you might have read the terms and conditions of been a NEST member, you can click HERE to create a NEST membership account

Membership Types

  • Ordinary members (individuals)
  • Community Based Organisation (CBO)
  • Corporate organizations

Attaining Membership

Application for membership shall be made to the NEST Secretariat which shall consider same at its discretion on behalf of and/or with the consent of the Board of Directors.
This can be in person at our offices or online by filling the membership form.

₦ Membership Fee

Registration Fee
₦5,000.00 (this applies to all membership categories and it is a one off payment)

Annual Subscription Fee
  • Readership (non-members use of NEST Library) - ₦1,000.00.
  • Ordinary members (individuals) - ₦2,000.00.
  • Community Based Organisation (CBO) - ₦5,000.00.
  • Corporate organizations - ₦10,000.00.

Bank account details

Payments (new member or annual renewal of account) are to made to the following bank account details:
  • Bank - UNION BANK.
  • Account name - Nest membership.
  • Account number - 0004973390.

Loss of membership

A member of the Organization automatically loses his/her right of membership in any of the hereinafter stated circumstances:

  • Does not pay his/her annual subscription dues for two (2) years consecutively.
  • Voluntarily resigns in writing to the Organization from being a member of the Organization.
  • Engages in conduct and/or actions considered by the General Assembly to be inimical to the image of the Organization.

Benefits of NEST Membership

Nest Members benefits include but not limited to:

  • Right to attend Bi annual members meeting.
  • Invitation to attend conferences, workshops and seminars organized by NEST.
  • Access to NEST library equipped with Environment and sustainable development publications and at no cost.
  • Access to interactive website .
  • Access to NEST publications available online.
  • Invitations to carry out research and execute projects if they are deemed qualified